1 Идиомы "at a loose end", "dead end"
2 Идиомы "behind closed doors", "down and out"
3 Идиомы "call it a day", "late in the day"
4 Идиомы "cut and dried", "in the dark"
5 Идиомы "cutting edge", "in one's element"
6 Идиомы "down-to-earth", "take it easy"
7 Идиомы "drop a line", "give somebody a raw deal"
8 Идиомы "fall on deaf ears", "not to have a clue"
9 Идиомы "go down the drain", "be beyond one's wildest dreams"
10 Идиомы "in any case", "days are numbered"
11 Идиомы "look somebody in the eye", "the naked eye"
12 Идиомы "make somebody's day", "daylight robbery"
13 Идиомы "off-the-cuff", "it's not my cup of tea"
14 Идиомы "on cloud nine", "the other side of the coin"
15 Идиомы "round the clock", "turn the clock back"
16 Идиомы "run deep", "out of one's depth"
17 Идиомы "stay the course", "take its course"
18 Идиомы "to the core", "bring up to date"
19 Идиомы "with flying colours", "cold comfort"