Разбор английских фраз

1 Take over (for)---"Do you want me to take over?"
2 15 способов поздороваться на английском языке / 15 ways to say "Hello" in English
3 Love--" I'd love to go, but ..."
4 Safe--" Better safe than sorry"
5 Какая разница между "It's broken" и "It broke"? / What's the difference between "It's broken" and "It broke"?
6 Come--"She had it coming" = За что боролась, на то и напоролась
7 Love--Шесть любовных ситуаций в простых выражениях / 6 romantic situations in simple words
8 Love--Четыре любовные ситуации в простых выражениях / Four romantic situations in simple words
9 Absolutely--"Absolutely. I'd love to"
10 Actually--Actually, I'm looking to switch careers
11 All right--"All right man, take it easy!"
12 All right--All right, whatever. Suit yourself.
13 Already--"...if you haven't done so already"
14 Ballpark--Что такое ' a ballpark ' ? И почему пишется слитно? / Can you give me a ballpark ?
15 Bulked up--"I don't want to get all bulked up; I just want to get toned "
16 Beat--"I try to come in early to beat the rush hour traffic "
17 Bad--"Oh, my bad. Didn't realize you were saving it"
18 By all means--"If you're feeling under the weather, by all means go home and get some rest"
19 Bless--"Bless you!"
20 Clothes--Одежда : Clothes или clothing? / Clothes vs. clothing
21 Can--"Can I get a sip of that?"
22 (In) college--"I actually wrote a paper on this in college"
23 Could (not) care less -- "I could care less about climbing the social ladder or whatever"
24 Clean--"How many times do I have to tell you to clean up after yourself?"
25 Cut off--"I finally had to just cut him off"
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