Разбор английских фраз

26 Clogged--"It must be clogged "
27 Come out--"But it still comes out from time to time "
28 Counter--"I believe it's sold over the counter"
29 Darn!-- Darn, I don't have anything to peel it with!
30 Down payment--"We made a down payment on a house today!"
31 Deep--"I walked quite a way out, but it was still only about waist deep "
32 Dare--"Don't you dare! "
33 Feel free--"Feel free to ask questions at any point"
34 Follow up with (someone) on (something)--Can you follow up with John later this week?
35 Feel--I'm not feeling well
36 Fill out--"Do I need to fill out a deposit slip or anything?"
37 Fog up---"My glasses are fogging up "
38 Finished--"I'm finished filling this out, but I wasn't quite sure what to write in this section"
39 Fund--"All proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation to fund cancer research"
40 Flip through --" Sometimes you'll be flipping through the channels and come across something really interesting"
41 Get--“Are you getting any reception?” = "У тебя связь на мобильнике есть?"
42 Go --"Go right ahead "
43 Go--How does it go?
44 Get--"Albert got all defensive when I commented on his work"
45 Get into--"I don't want to get into it right now"
46 Get done--"Did you get it colored?"
47 Guess--" I guess so "
48 How come(s)--"How come you're so late?"
49 Hey, come on!--"Hey, come on! That has sentimental value to me!"
50 Huh?--"Those were the days, huh?"
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