Разбор английских фраз

51 Hype--"It didn't quite live up to the hype"
52 Hit on--"Some creepy guy was hitting on me"
53 (Car) insurance--“He did not have car insurance”
54 Kidding--"Just kidding! "
55 Mind---"Would you mind giving me a hand with this?"
56 Make--"Rory made the team!"
57 My, my!--"My my! Don't you look dapper?"
58 Meticulous--"He's extremely meticulous"
59 Nice--"It's nice to be back"
60 Off the coast---"There's been a big oil spill off the coast of Louisiana"
61 Open up to someone--"You can open up to me"
62 Other--"It was great meeting you the other day "
63 Probable--Какая разница между Probable и Possible ?
64 Paid off -- “All that hard work really paid off”
65 Please--Can you just stop it please?
66 Pathetic--"The battery life is pretty pathetic"
67 Refund--"Are you getting a refund?"
68 Required--"Attendance is required"
69 Records--"Retain this receipt for your records "
70 Supposably--Американское изобретение : наречие Supposably
71 Shirts--Про рубашки по-английски / Types of shirts
72 So--"So were you transferred here, or did you move voluntarily?"
73 Stick with--"Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I'd stuck with it"
74 Say--"Aw, you're just saying that!"
75 Smart--"Don't be a smart ass!"
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