Разбор английских фраз

76 Shock--"At first I was in total shock"
77 Swipe--"Can you please swipe your card"
78 Slack off---"I'm out there busting my ass and you're in here slacking off?"
79 Say something--"I would say something to the waiter"
80 Straight--"Just give it to me straight "
81 Strapped for cash--"I'm pretty strapped for cash myself"
82 Stairs--"I've had to walk up and down six flights of stairs all week"
83 Single--" How’s single life?"
84 Sure--"Make sure they're cooked all the way through"
85 These days -- "Everybody seems to be critical of him these days, but I still believe in him"
86 Take over (for)---"Do you want me to take over?"
87 Touch--"We lost touch with each other after high school"
88 Trash--"It's your turn to take the trash out"
89 Update--"Have they given you any updates on her condition?"
90 Unlike---"That's unlike him. He's usually so clean-cut."
91 Welcome--You’re welcome!---почему на "спасибо" всё чаще отвечают "thank you" в смысле "пожалуйста"?
92 Week--"I will be out of the office for the week of December 27"
93 Wish--"I wish you'd told me sooner"
94 Would--"I would set it for... 5:30?"
95 You--Что такое “Yous” or “youse” ?
96 Yet -- Are we there yet?