Male Names Are Still Mentioned First

Мужские имена всё ещё называют первыми

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We Americans love our fast food. And a new study shows that a little thing like a nutrition label is not gonna stop us when we want a breakfast burrito.
In January 2009 King County, Washington imposed mandatory menu labeling on all restaurant chains in the region, which includes Seattle and its surrounds. Restaurants were asked to disclose nutrition information, including a calorie count, about every item on the menu.
Then, over the next year, researchers in conjunction with local public health officials monitored food purchases at the Taco Time chain of restaurants. And they found that nothing changed. The total number of sales and the average calories per order were the same, regardless of whether the restaurant labeled its menu. The study appears in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. [citation to come]
Now, it could be that Taco Time customers were already wise to the relative nutritiousness of their meals, because the restaurant was highlighting its healthier options with a little logo before the law took effect.
So maybe all we need is a happy, "healthy icon" to keep us from overdoing it. Because pointing out that a large order of cheddar fries has 700 calories was not food for thought.
—Karen Hopkin

Brad and Angelina. Romeo and Juliet. John, Yoko. See a pattern?
Брэд и Анжелина. Ромео и Джульетта. Джон, Йоко. Улавливаете общее?

  We may have come a long way baby, but our female names still typically follow the man’s name.
Хоть мы и прошли долгий путь, но по-прежнему остаётся типичным ставить женские имена после мужских

Researchers searched the Web for 10 pairs of popular names and found that in 79 percent of the pairs the male name came first.

В интернете исследовали 10 пар популярных имён и обнаружили что в 79% пар первым идёт мужское имя

 Only 21 percent put the female name first. The research is published in the British Journal of Social Psychology.
Лишь в 21% пар первым стоит женское имя. Исследование опубликовано в Британском журнале социальной психологии

Then the researchers asked 121 people to write down the names of imaginary traditional couples, like one where the woman cooks most of the meals, as well as the names of non-traditional couples, where the male might be a stay-at-home dad.
Затем учёные попросили 121 испытуемого написать имена вымышленных "традиционных" пар (таких, где готовит еду в основном женщина), а также имена нетрадиционных пар (где мужчина папа-домосед)

 For traditional couples the men’s names came first significantly more often. But the effect was not there for the atypical couples.
В традиционных парах мужские имена стояли на первом месте значительно чаще. В нетрадиционных этого не наблюдалось

Similarly they had subjects write down the names of imagined gay couples and found that the partner listed first tended to be more butch than femme. And those named second tended to be more femme than butch.
Аналогично испытуемых попросили написать имена вымышленных гей-пар. Выяснилось, что чаще первым пишут партнёра с мужской ролью.
 На втором месте чаще оказывались партнёры с женской ролью

But note this from the main author: “When people address greeting cards to couples…they often put the person that they know best first, whether female or male.” And if they know both people, they typically start with the name that matches their gender.
Но вот что сказал руководитель исследования: "Когда парам посылают поздравительные открытки...первым ставят имя того, кого лучше знают: неважно, мужчина или женщина. А если обоих знают одинаково, то как правило, начинают с партнёра своего пола

—Christie Nicholson


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