What It Means to Forgive

Что значит прощать

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We Americans love our fast food. And a new study shows that a little thing like a nutrition label is not gonna stop us when we want a breakfast burrito.
In January 2009 King County, Washington imposed mandatory menu labeling on all restaurant chains in the region, which includes Seattle and its surrounds. Restaurants were asked to disclose nutrition information, including a calorie count, about every item on the menu.
Then, over the next year, researchers in conjunction with local public health officials monitored food purchases at the Taco Time chain of restaurants. And they found that nothing changed. The total number of sales and the average calories per order were the same, regardless of whether the restaurant labeled its menu. The study appears in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. [citation to come]
Now, it could be that Taco Time customers were already wise to the relative nutritiousness of their meals, because the restaurant was highlighting its healthier options with a little logo before the law took effect.
So maybe all we need is a happy, "healthy icon" to keep us from overdoing it. Because pointing out that a large order of cheddar fries has 700 calories was not food for thought.
—Karen Hopkin


This New Year's, maybe sparked by renditions of Auld Lang Syne, we might reflect on times with friends and family. And maybe we might think about forgiveness.

Возможно, в этот Новый год, под звуки новогоднего гимна ""Доброе старое время",  мы задумаемся со своими домашними и друзьями о времени. И возможно, подумаем о прощении


Well Charles Griswold, professor of Philosophy at Boston University, outlines the complexities of forgiveness in a recentblog post.

Вот и Чарльз Грисуолд, профессор филологии Бостонского университета, в недавней записи в блоге касается сложности прощения


Certainly to forgive we must abandon thoughts of resentment and revenge.

Понятно, что для прощения мы должны забыть мысли об обиде и мести


But it’s not just this. We must also find the act and the person who committed it fitting of such anger.

Но дело не только в этом. Мы должны считать, что прощаемый заслуживает нашего гнева.


(We wouldn’t call it forgiveness if a four-year-old told us a tall tale.)

(Ведь если нам что-то наврал 4-летний ребёнок, мы вряд ли будем говорит о прощении)


Griswold holds that ideal forgiveness is one where the offender admits their wrong-doing and takes steps to repair the damage.

Грисуолд утверждает, что прощение в идеале -это когда обидчик признаёт свою вину и стремится её исправить


In taking such steps offenders are seeking forgiveness. So there is a two-directional relationship here between the forgiver and forgiven.

Стремясь загладить вину, обидчик ищет прощения. То есть существует двустороннее отношение между прощающим и обидчиком


An imperfect form of forgiveness, according to Griswold, is the unilateral one where one forgives, independent of any steps taken by the offender.

Несовершенной формой прощения, по Грисуолду, является одностороннее прощение независимо от заглаживания вины обидчиком


  Griswold believes that true forgiveness is a bilateral act that preserves a “moral relation between self and other.

Грисуолд считает, что истинное прощение - двусторонний акт, сохраняющий "нравственное отношение между тобой и другим человеком"


He notes forgiveness is not merely relief from anger but rather it is the act of expressing moral ideals, like truth, mutual respect, reconciliation.

Он отмечает, что прощение - не просто облегчение от гнева, а скорее акт выражения нравственных идеалов: истины, взаимного уважения, примирения


And for this I'd recommend old acquaintance not be forgot.

И я бы рекомендовала не забывать такой подход в отношениях между старыми знакомыми


—Christie Nicholson


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