No Such Thing as a Free Parking Spot

Свободная парковка - это актуально

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We Americans love our fast food. And a new study shows that a little thing like a nutrition label is not gonna stop us when we want a breakfast burrito.
In January 2009 King County, Washington imposed mandatory menu labeling on all restaurant chains in the region, which includes Seattle and its surrounds. Restaurants were asked to disclose nutrition information, including a calorie count, about every item on the menu.
Then, over the next year, researchers in conjunction with local public health officials monitored food purchases at the Taco Time chain of restaurants. And they found that nothing changed. The total number of sales and the average calories per order were the same, regardless of whether the restaurant labeled its menu. The study appears in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. [citation to come]
Now, it could be that Taco Time customers were already wise to the relative nutritiousness of their meals, because the restaurant was highlighting its healthier options with a little logo before the law took effect.
So maybe all we need is a happy, "healthy icon" to keep us from overdoing it. Because pointing out that a large order of cheddar fries has 700 calories was not food for thought.
—Karen Hopkin
The world may be headed to two billion vehicles this century, thanks to the burgeoning love affair between the Chinese and the automobile.
В этом столетии число автомобилей в мире может достичь 2млрд., благодаря растущей "любовной связи" китайцев с автомобилем

But consider this: where will all those cars park?
Но подумайте: где будут парковаться все эти автомобили?
If urban planners are right, finding parking for all those vehicles might be no problem.
 Если правы градостроители, поиск парковки для всех этих автомобилей может стать проблемой

City gurus estimate there are eight parking spots for every vehicle in the U.S. today.
 По оценке ведущих городских специалистов, сегодня на каждый автомобиль в США приходится 8 парковочных мест

Given a U.S. fleet of 250 million vehicles, that means America already boasts some two billion parking spots—an area roughly the size of Massachusetts.
Поскольку в США сейчас 250млн.автомобилей, получается, что у счастливой Америки уже есть около 2млрд.парковочных мест общей площадью со штат Массачусеттс

But according to the first nationwide count of parking spots, conducted by civil engineers from the University of California, Berkeley, last July, that might be a bit much, which is good news for the environment.
Но согласно первой национальной переписи автостоянок, проведённой в июле (2010г.) строительными инженерами из Калифорнийского университета, Беркли, эта оценка несколько завышена. И это хорошо для окружающей среды

It's more likely there are only three parking spaces for every car and truck in the U.S., or some 800 million spots to choose from.
Скорее всего, на каждую машину (включая грузовики) в США приходится только три парковочных места, а всего этих мест около 800млн.

Estimating the environmental cost of all that parking reveals that parking alone adds 10 percent to the CO2 emissions of your average automobile.
Важность для окружающей среды в том, что паркование на 10% увеличивает выброс в атмосферу CO2 средним автомобилем

And the amount of soot added to the atmosphere as a result of all our cars nearly doubles.
При этом и копоти от машин выбрасывается в атмосферу почти в два раза больше

That's thanks to all that asphalt and concrete and the emissions that go along with making it.
Это из-за асфальта, бетона и выбросов газов при парковке

And then there are the millions of kilometers of roads in the U.S. to think about…
Не следует забывать, что в США есть ещё миллионы километров автодорог...

In short, there's no such thing as free parking.
Короче, бесплатной парковки не бывает
—David Biello

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